Day 7 in Napa

Day 7 in Napa was a day filled with new experiences and culinary delights. After bidding farewell to our general managers and their spouses at the Sacramento Airport,  Chris, Joe, and I decided to explore a hidden gem nearby called The Alamar Marina Restaurant. This local favorite, situated on the picturesque Sacramento River, turned out to be the perfect spot for a delicious lunch.  

As we savored our meal, SoNapa Culinary team, consisting of Executive Chef Sean, Chef Tito from Ormond, and Chef Brentt from NSB, arrived at the airport. It was Chef Brentt's first time in California, his first time on a plane, and his excitement was contagious. Little did he know that this trip was going to be a culinary adventure like no other.  On our way back to the villa, Chef Sean insisted that we make a quick stop at Gott's for some mouthwatering burgers. The food lived up to its reputation, and we left feeling satisfied and ready for the rest of the day.  

Upon reaching the villa, our culinary team was awestruck by the beauty of the surrounding vineyards. The anticipation for the following days, filled with visits to wineries and gardens, was fun to be part of. But first, we needed to stock up on fresh ingredients.  We made a trip to a local farm stand, where we were greeted by a colorful array of fresh produce. To complement the fresh produce, we also visited a nearby butcher to select the finest cuts of steak, chicken, and fish.  

Back at the villa, our kitchen became a hub of culinary activity. With the combined talents of three chefs and the help of Chris, Joe, and myself, we cooked an amazing meal. The aromas of sizzling meats, sautéed vegetables, and fragrant herbs filled the air as we worked together to create an unforgettable dinner.  


As the evening progressed, we indulged in the finest wines from the region, sipped on Casa amigos, vodka, and enjoyed the refreshing taste of fresh grapefruit. Each person found their preferred nightcap, adding to the fun atmosphere that surrounded us.  Our culinary team was filled with excitement for the upcoming days, eager to explore the wineries and gardens of Napa. We knew that the natural bounty of this region would inspire us further and deepen our appreciation for the art of culinary creation.  

Day 7 in Napa was a day of travel for our team followed by camaraderie, culinary excellence, and anticipation for what lay ahead. We will continue our journey through the flavors and landscapes of this remarkable region. Stay tuned for more updates from our Wine Country adventure!