Day 26 In Napa

Day 26 in Napa was all about family and relaxation. We started the day with a calm and peaceful morning, sipping on coffee and enjoying the cool weather. Our main focus for the day was to clean and prepare for the arrival of our kids, who were making their way from Sacramento.  

Around 11am, we received a call from our kids, letting us know that they had successfully rented a car and were on their way to the villa. We decided to kick off the gathering with a classic American barbecue. Grilling up some juicy burgers and hot dogs, we savored the flavors of summer and indulged in delicious food.

 As nightfall approached, with the kids settled in to their rooms and luggage unpacked, we decided to light the fireplace and engaged in lively conversations.  Then we prepared a hand-cut steaks and potatoes, carefully selecting the steak from Brown’s a local butcher and pairing them with fresh, locally sourced vegetables. The combination of flavors was amazing!

After a long day of travel for the kids and some much-needed rest for Shannon and me, we decided to call it an early night. We knew that the next day would be filled with exciting wine tastings and exploration of the beautiful Napa Valley.  

Day 26 in Napa had been a day of relaxation and anticipation, setting the tone for the adventures that awaited us in the days to come.