California Wine Club Wine Review

     Last week I posted that Eddie and I signed up for the California Wine Club.  We signed up for the Premier Series and the Signature Series Club levels.  Well, the wines arrived.  Since signing up, it took about 7 business day for us to receive the delivery.  We received email notification of the wines being shipped and an updated email notification when they would arrive.  

     The wines arrived professionally packaged, adult signature required.  Excitedly we opened the boxes and discovered The California Wine Club folder with literature about the 'artisan' wineries and a description of the wines.  **A note of caution was placed on the wines, suggesting cooling the wines for whites and letting them rest for a few days before tasting (I assume to avoid 'bottle shock'.) 

     The Premier Series Wine Club level included a 2018 Old Vine Lodi Red Zinfandel and a 2019 Private Reserve Monterey Chardonnay both from Comartin Cellars, San Carlos CA.  The Old Vines Zinfandel has a production of just 900 cases and the Private Reserve Chardonnay has a production of just 600 cases.  I couldn't wait a few days and immediately chilled the Chardonnay and while we opened the Old Vines Zin.  The Old Vines Zinfandel received 92 Points from the Wine Spectator, it was certainly full bodied, on the dry side of the red zinfandel spectrum, with spice and with  mature fruit undertones.  To me, these characteristics are indicative of an old vines zinfandel.  Overall, both Eddie & I enjoyed the wine and for a price of $14.99, we thought this was accurately priced.  This is the style of wine that would pair well with our Short Rib Risotto or Blueberry Chipolte BBQ Ribs.  

     As we tasted and discussed the Old Vines Zin, the chardonnay chilled to a perfect temperature.  The 'nose' was beautiful, tropical  The 'nose' was considerably different from the taste, (or what is call the palate.)  Definitely not what we were expecting.  This is not a sweet wine, in fact this chardonnay is clean, crisp, with flavors of citrus.  No tropical my opinion.  More elegant and old world style.  After our wine tasting, we read the literature on the wine and the tasting notes confirmed what we thought.  The Chardonnay grapes are sourced from Santa Lucia Highlands in the Monterey Appellation, cool weather grapes. The wine is both fermented and aged in stainless steel creating the bright acidity.  This chardonnay has a taste profile between a chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.  Great for Florida summers, this wine deserves the 90 point rating from the Wine Enthusiast.  Eddie suggested pairing this wine with our Tuna Crudo or Herb Marinated Salmon.  


Overall Conclusion of The California Wine Club Premier Series

The ordering was seamless, the packaging and literature were professional, the wines were interesting and well worth the price.  This is a great way to expand your knowledge and taste of California wines, or make a great gift for a friend or family member who enjoys wine.  


Our next post will discuss the Signature Series.